SAB-AUTO: software for carwash

SAB-AUTO: software for carwash


This program is not a program modification. It has been developed and tailored especially to the needs of car wash owners.

SAB-AUTO deals with the following problems:

  • “paper-and-pencil” or Excel data storage
  • lack of accurate information on past shifts and earnings
  • ignorance of clients, failure to trace the history of relationship with them
  • failure for several users to work simultaneously in the record keeping system
  • heavy time spending when arranging and rendering invoices to customers in service
  • having headache at payroll accounting


Our company activity has resulted in creation of a multiuser role-playing system which allows to operate with large amounts of information to which only limited number of employees (company executive, accountant, security and shift foremen) have access.
The system includes all necessary DB of companies and DB of external clients servicing their cars at the car wash complex, DB of employees and DB of services being rendered by the company, including provision of complete information and easy lookup services.
We enabled functional tracking of information on past shifts, gained earnings depending on the type of executed works, as well as period and kind of payment.
We provided the opportunity of an automated payroll accounting system.

If you use Sab-Auto you can:

  • Use those features that only you need - nothing in excess
  • Monitor car wash operations online
  • Make automated payroll calculations
  • Implement any discount system at your car wash
  • Improve client service level
  • Serve customers by cash and by bank transfer
  • Shorten client registration time
  • Monitor consumption of materials
  • Receive car wash activity data for any period of time
  • Integrate additional accounting modules

You receive benefits:

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profit
  • Monitor managers’ work

You can download free demo version CLICK HERE. Use login admin, password admin. ZIP format size: 8,7 Mb free of viruses - we have checked it!

We will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning Sab-Auto. Please use this customer feedback form to contact us: LEAVE a MESSAGE or just call +78129943177.