Altinntech introduces E.Clean, a client-server application that allows you to order a high-quality dry car wash for your car anywhere and at any time. You no longer need to waste time going to the car wash – your car will always be clean thanks to our application.

For business owners, E.Clean allows you to keep track of orders and statistics in one place, in an accessible and simple service with an intuitive interface.

The following technologies were used during development:

System core: Java 11 EE, Rest API, DB MySql, Spring, Hibernate, Swagger
Administrative Interface: Tomcat, JSF, PrimeFaces

Mobile applications:

  • Android – native Java Android SDK, GooglePlay
  • iOS – Swift, xCode, AppStore

Features of the application include:

A user-friendly interface allows customers to easily and quickly select the necessary dry car wash services, as well as indicate the features of their car.

Using GPS technology to accurately determine the client’s location and quickly dispatch the nearest specialist to perform the service.

Optimized routes that allow our specialists to quickly reach clients.

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