Software for trade organisation: CRM TRADE

Client-oriented program CRM-Trade


CRM (customer relationship management) is an application program software for trade organizations, designed to automate processes of interaction with customers

CRM-Trade is aimed to enhance sales, or rather to optimize organization works, to increase company yield, as well as to raise customer loyalty due to the possibility of viewing complete information on customer relationship.

Nowadays due to the glut of goods and services on the market, the competition for customers has sharpened. To succeed in sales, it is important not only to have a perfect product and its active promotions, but also to conduct personified sales, i.e. to work with each client as if he is the only one.


In fact, each customer loves attention. A company which knows its clients will become successful and receive positive feedback very soon. 

There was a time when advertising drove sales, now it is important to use all possible methods of increasing sales as a whole, and in this case our client-oriented program CRM-Trade will help trade organizations to automate sales process and keep always one step ahead of the competition!

We’d like to bring to Your notice CRM-Trade program to work with wholesale customers. The program handles all main problems concerning work with clients in trade organizations.               

CRM-Trade allows:

To use in work only necessary features – NOTHING IN EXCESS:

To trace the history of customer relationship:

To schedule meetings and receive reminders for up-coming events due to planner options


To optimize and automate work with large amounts of data:

To enable simultaneous work in the program for several employees at once, identifying each required access level:

Иметь перед глазами ПОЛНУЮ ИНФОРМАЦИЮ о партнерах, собранную в единой карте клиента:

To schedule sales due to embedded analytical module


Working with the program You can:

  • use only those features that only you need - nothing in excess
  • monitor managers’ work online
  • improve client service level
  • integrate additional accounting modules
  • monitor trade transactions functionally
  • designate employees responsible for each client and encharge them with tasks

Your benefits are:

  • work performance optimization
  • reduction of expenses
  • growth of profits
  • staff performance monitoring
  • efficient future activity planning

For a free trial version of the software for trade organizations, CLICK HERE. To have access for viewing, enter the password admin, login admin. Format: ZIP, Size: 18 MB. When downloading, Google Chrome may swear but do not hesitate to go on as any downloads have been swept for viruses!

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