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Automation of business processes

"Who owns information, owns the world" Nathan Rothschild

Automation of business processes become the necessity for any enterprise. Due to the accumulation of big data becomes increasingly difficult to work with them.

In order to optimize the work of personnel and to systematize all the right information together extremely necessary to use business automation.

The advantages of using automated systems:

  • Help to protect the company from unnecessary expenses
  • Accumulate all corporate data under "one roof"
  • Streamline workflow
  • Minimize errors: eliminate the human factor
  • Save time when using an electronic control system
  • Allow to make transparent the work of the personnel
  • Increase the loyalty of the companies: due to the possibility of viewing the history of interaction with them
  • Keep records of financial flows and allows to automate the necessary financial transactions: invoicing, payroll, the analysis of income and expenses

Some owners of small business prefer to use forces and abilities of their personnel. But the purchase of the software is available to many people and the costs of software quickly returned. In the end, the company will only benefit: the use of the software allows to increase efficiency of the whole company and, hence, to be one step ahead of the competition!

Automation is particularly necessary in those companies where the number of employees exceeds seven people. Managers impossible to control a large number of workers without application of modern information systems.

AltInnTech offers services on development and implementation of automated information systems, such as CRM and ERP systems which can be executed as desktop or web solution.

AltInnTech offers:

  1. Audit of the existing business-processes at the enterprise
  2. Designing individual decision that meet all requirements of the customer
  3. Developing and testing automation systems
  4. Installing software and training the personnel to work with it
  5. Support by specialists AltInnTech

In addition individual software development AltInnTech offers universal ready solutions for different needs.

Development of automated systems is the most popular among our customers from the following directions:

  • Trade organization
  • Travel agencies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Medical institutes
  • Educational institutions
  • Advertising agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Production activities
  • etc.

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